Kidnapped by a Custodian

A mercenary for the enslaved

Possessed by a Regal entity

There are only two ways out spiritual enlightenment or death?


It is not until you step out of your bubble, do you realise your world isn’t everything you had imagined.


17-year-old Calista is a highly trained Supreme Warrior and Princess from the First Dynasty. A decade after the catastrophic Civil War, she uncovers the truth behind the Sixth Dynasty disappearance. Moments after setting foot on Kimarr, she is kidnapped by a Custodian with a strangely pale skin tone. She enters a world where the inhumane, power-hungry Kutawala enslaves her people.


The more Calista delves into this new world, the harder it is for her to resist its temptation. She is thrust into the daily fight to the death and later discovers there is a bigger plan at play. She must become a mercenary for her people while a restless entity inhabits her body.


The man who issued her kidnapping believes she is the one to awaken the Legend of Bluka: the epitome of true power. The one thing she desires more than her father's approval he can give her: the truth. With the lies unravelled, she must either accept the facts and walk the path of Enlightenment or die trying to survive in the fight to the death.


The only person standing in her way is herself.

The Masterpiece (Book 1 in The Shadow I Cast series)

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