Privacy policy 

Nicely publishing is committed to protecting and respecting its customers’ personal information. As a small business, I promise to keep your data safe and secure. This policy aims to reduce any confusion in how I store your info when you sign up to my mailing list or make a payment through my online store.


How is your personal information obtained?

The information supplied directly from you is gained from a transaction in my online store, joining my mailing list and making an enquiry through my contacts page.


Why is your personal information used?

Your information whether this be your email or personal address is used to get in touch with you to ensure you receive your product, if you have made a payment in my online store, and for marketing purposes such as upcoming novel releases, book deals, book reviews and so on as long as you have agreed to this. I will only use your details in the way you have asked.


Will your information be shared?

Your information will not be shared with other businesses and individuals; only I will have access to it for the purpose you have supplied it.


How long will I store your information?

I will store your data for as long as necessary in the context from which it was obtained. If you would no longer like for me to hold your information, it is within your rights to ask to have it removed. Just contact me through my contacts page, and it will be handled immediately.


Nicely publishing contact

You can get in touch with me at or via my contacts page