The Masterpiece decoding

Episode 1- The Basics

Greetings all,

I would like to start by welcoming you to my world. I call it Nicely-verse AKA Ma’at universe, which is the Egyptian Deity I have chosen to masquerade my voice as, as an author. It’s also her principles I’ve implemented into my novel The Masterpiece along with other upcoming projects I have in store. Although this is the main Goddess, I’ve built my world around, I will slowly include other male and female Deities to show a unification and balance between feminine and masculine energies. It is of the utmost importance, that my fellow readers understand entirely what I am trying to portray in my writing, because without the feminine and masculine energies operating as one there will always be chaos as you can already see in today’s society.

For those of you who have already read The Masterpiece or simply looked at the cover, you’ll notice my world is unlike any other as it explores content that is unique, intriguing and intends not just to be relatable but inspiring in today's society. In addition, the umbrella genre I’ve chosen to write in is Afrofuturism (African fantasy Science fiction) with a literal twist mainly from an Afrocentric background. This doesn’t mean that I won’t incorporate my Black British and Caribbean culture, but for now my main goal is to integrate the African mentality which is somewhat absent from today’s generation who have lost a sense of who they are and from what they have fallen from. In simple terms, I am reverting back to African ancestry but showing how such glory can still be achieved in the future if we just study and fall back in love with ourselves as those around us are doing as a form of Cultural appropriation.

So, without further due I would love to tell you all about my beautiful creation, the first instalment in my series The Shadow I Cast. This will be episode 1 of the decoding of The Masterpiece. If you have yet to read my novel please stop reading from now, as what follows will be an in-depth breakdown of the complexities of my world. Although, if you don’t mind read the spoilers then don’t let me stop you and continue as usual.

Let’s start with the basics.

What’s with the title The Masterpiece?

Well it’s simple. By definition ‘Masterpiece’ is a work of outstanding artistry, skill or workmanship of the highest standard. When you separate the two words, ‘Master’ is someone who’s at the top, a Boss man, a God/Goddess they are highly skilled in their field of profession; they have overcome their past mistakes and weaknesses and thus ascended to the highest degree for the human vessel, any further without the restrictions placed upon the soul/spirit/energy-being and the individual would have truly attained and unlocked their God/Goddess consciousness, completely rooted and submerged in their Higher Cellf. (Cell+Self) Cellf is spelt this way because our human bodies are made up of millions of Cells, as taught in Biology Cells make Tissues and Tissues build Organs which complete the systems that engineer and allow our bodies to operate at optimal health. From a molecular level, Atoms make up molecules which creates Cells and so on so forth.

‘Piece’ on the other hand, is a portion of a material/object, an artistic creation and something that has been broken up into smaller ‘pieces’ and thus must be assembled correctly to be whole. Together the two words illustrate the complete understanding and acceptance of the nature of God/Goddess, basically energy, when it’s aware of itself. This attributes to the Egyptian proverb “Know Thy Self/ Know yourself and you shall know the Gods”, which is self-explanatory. Therefore, to ascend to this God level you must find and know yourself inside out as well as overcoming obstacles that would ultimately prevent this. You should also notice that ‘Piece’ is a homophone of ‘Peace’. When one has Mastered themselves and their reality they are at ‘Peace’ the internal and external conflict cease and Ma’at’s principles Harmony, Order and Balance come into play.

I use the ‘Masterpiece’ as a double, even triple entendre, but I also leave it moderately open for the reader to interpret it as they see fit, whether that be in relation to my novel or their personal experiences and lifestyle. My first meaning is in relation to the creation of my world which is abundantly blessed with highly conscious individuals who have skills and abilities that surpass other civilisations inside their universe and skin that is sun-kissed. Not to mention their architecture and scientific and technological advances are outstanding in their own might. This world I have carefully put together shows my people in their state of superiority, which aligns with their Divine nature and the stars that govern and protect their world. Each Dynasty in my novel thus expresses variants of their God consciousness. However, due to the discord that had spread across the Kingdoms before and after the Civil War some of my people have fallen from their Higher Cellf, live in disharmony and are out of balance simply because of their inquiry into the superficial ideology of perfection.

Another meaning I have attached to the title is actually a secret/spoiler for book 2, which unmasks the true mirage of my world. Though from what I am readily able to tell you is its greatly linked to the assignment Khari and Dakarai took to Earth where they discover two woman who allude to a SYSTEM in which they are all trapped in. For all my Matrix lovers, I’m sure you’ll quickly latch onto what I am indicating but as far as me explaining this further you’ll have to wait until you’ve completed book 2 and even read my other book Innocence Tainted which is book 1 in the correlating series The Rise To The Occasion.

In relation to Calista, the protagonist of my novel, she’s a masterpiece because she’s in tune with nature and has unlocked a gene in her DNA that only a few in history have been able to, which is the Blue Flame stimulated by the Blue Star. This rarity makes her an important person not just in the eyes of her Dynasty and homeland Aelburn but also a threat to her people’s oppressor the Kutawala, an extra-terrestrial who somehow followed in his ancestor path and created ten times more destruction than they did when they first invaded Acirfa. Besides this Calista’s growth has been stunted due to her feeling isolated inside the walls of Aelburn, regardless of the fact that she is a Princess of the First Dynasty and one of the top Supreme Warriors of her Clan. It takes her accepting an assignment to Kimarr, seeking to uncover the disappearance of the Sixth Dynasty, for her to finally realise her purpose in relation to the Legend of Bluka and unlocking a part of her that she kept in the dark- the aspect that mattered the most. Her warrior Divine nature.

Overall, outside of the world in my novel the title also refers to myself as the author manifesting my greatness in the most creative way possibly, for me to be better understood by those around me who don’t necessarily think and behave the way I do. This is the shadow I am casting over my fellow readers in hopes that once the illusions have been stripped away, they’ll know how best to move and think in a way that benefits themselves and their people and not be submissive to those who take their existence for granted.

Therefore, I am a Masterpiece in my own right as everyone else is because we are all but reflections of each other and in order for the collective to understand this they must fully come to terms with the fact that all is Mental (Hermetic principle) and we only have a physical form because we thought ourselves into existence.

I will now clarify the basic terminologies in my novel, but bear in mind there are a few mistakes in my novel, please ignore them as I am working on editing them out of my manuscript to reduce confusion for readers.

Acirfa- The Planet that orbits Earth in the Ninth dimension with a Red disc that radiates a steady flow of energy received from the Red Sun and Blue Star that hang like beacons in space. Acirfa is also Africa shuffled.

Genapa- The supercontinent in which my people the Genapians inhabits. This is divided into six Kingdoms governed individually by the Six Dynasties. I created Genapa from Pangea, a time when all the continents were joined together as a supercontinent before the continental drift.

Huemans- People of colour. I use this to characterise my Genapians as the original people of their land.

Elite Supreme Warriors- The greatest most skilled set of warriors, the royal military.

Ankh- an ancient hieroglyphic symbol that represents life; the unification of male and female.

Eye of Horus- an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. It is the symbol branded into Supreme Warriors arm to signify they are the official military for the royal family and the protectors of all Genapians.

Dynastic emblem- a Lion’s head with a cobra wrapped in its hair.

Kimarr- the land of the Sixth Dynasty.

Aelburn- the land of the First Dynasty.

Rimorr- The mirror plane.

Emperor Rameses- the leader of the First Dynasty.

Empress Nubia- the Emperor’s wife and spiritual leader for her people. She also teaches arts such as meditation, chakra alignment and yoga.


Calista- Princess of the First Dynasty and a member of the Elite Supreme Warrior clan. She has unlocked and manifested the Blue Flame along with tapped into her psychic abilities.

Khari- the Protégé of the First Dynasty throne, the ultimate Supreme warrior, agile, cunning, very skilful and handsome. Not to mention, a lady’s man.

Dakarai- Sole Prince of the Second Dynasty and a member of the Elite Supreme Warrior Clan. He has the SIGHT inherited from his parents especially his mother who was originating from the Macho tribe, although his is a concentrated variant where he receives visions when he is conscious and unconscious. Macho in Swahili means eyes.

The Legend of Bluka- Blue and Ka combined to form Bluka. The Blue Flame combined with Ka (Spirit)/ Kundalini = the Godly, Neter nature.

Kutawala- the Coloniser who lead the Civil War and massacred the majority of the Dynasties. He is also the leader of his Albino people. Kutawala in Swahili means to rule, dominate.

Well as far as I know that’s the basics covered. If you have any questions regarding the above or just general topics you will like me to cover leave a comment below.

Until next time, Peace and Love

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