Innocence Tainted - 3D.png

2050, London.

There's a darkness that stretches across the sky. It infects its citizens, poisons their minds, manipulates their character, and everyone is oblivious to such an invasion.

Except one.

Dr Oralia is the Head Scientist in her department specialising in DNA, Viruses and Vaccines at the top company, Infinite Illume. In a bizarre incident, she's struck by lightning and slips into a coma. When she awakens to find she has abilities she had previously been aware of, the darkness tainting her fellow citizens is more apparent than before.

As she finds herself changing and her world becoming a shamble, she realises her boyfriend has been harbouring a crippling secret. With her torturous past creeping back into her present, she's provoked by her darkness into playing a simple game of Judge, Jury and Executioner.

Dr Oralia now conflicted must choose to heal from her childhood trauma or continue being the vigilante terrorising her city as she acts as an unsolicited purge.